find a guy who messes up your lipstick, not your mascara<3
meesha. 14 years young. this is pretty much my brain. i follow back!
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When someone touches/bumps into your ass…


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"Why are you single?"


I don’t know, ask all the people that won’t date me.

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When someone changes the song just before the good part


and you’re like:

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Can we just take a moment to apprectiate the fact that the biggest boyband in the world released a music video about sex, while singing into plastic toys, rolling around in hamster balls, aimlessly skipping and frolicking, and pushing eachother into a kiddy pool?

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EEEEEEEP! They’re so cute :)

One Direction

Live While We’re Young


  1. Who wakes up looking gorgeous like that?
  2. Why is there a couch in the tent?
  3. Who let Louis drive again?

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